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Imbue 5.0 Pics:
(Photos by D. Pauley)

“It’s called Imbue, an "ambient show" but we like to think of it as our seasonal portal into a more spacious and contemplative state of being.” 

Erika & ACE - Imbue 2.0 ^ (Photo by C.K. Nelson)

“We use ambient and experimental music alongside fully immersive visuals to create as true a transportive experience a sober body can enjoy.”

Shigeto & Lightbender - Imbue 3.0 ^ (Photo by Joe Sousa)

“It’s also a nice way for our techno friends to have an outlet for the weirder varieties of music seldom heard on dance floors.”

Detroit Bureau of Sound & Bedroom Light Show - Imbue 4.0 ^ (Photo by n0_parking)

For the People, With Love - Imbue.