Teaming up with Music Gallery Toronto and Montreal’s MUTEK, the first Imbue in Canada dives into the depths of sonic futures.

The structure at 918 Bathurst was once home to the Buddhist community of Toronto. Its reverberant wooden A-frame contains layers of dreams and praises that make the venue feel incredibly special. So what if, with more intention, we aim to embed futures into these beams.

Audio and visual artists create a 7 hour day dedicated to interpretations of the future. What does the future sound like? What pockets of hope do we want future generations to stumble upon? How can this resonance be used to share lessons?

Alongside this presentation, Acote & Fezz Stenon’s Fluid Index will run as an installation in the Gallery room, as a further space of congregation and discourse.

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Imbue 9.0 Pics:

Imbue 8.0 Pics:

Listen: Araceae - Imbue 7.0

Imbue 7.0 Pics:

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Imbue 5.0 Pics:
(Photos by D. Pauley)

Erika & ACE - Imbue 2.0 ^ (Photo by C.K. Nelson)

Shigeto & Lightbender - Imbue 3.0 ^ (Photo by Joe Sousa)

For the People, With Love - Imbue.